Facing this kind of charge doesn’t make you a bad person—people from all walks of life, all occupations and all lifestyles get charged with Driving Under the Influence. While you may feel differently right now, hope is not lost. You have rights and you have options. Whether your case boils down to a poor decision, a mistake, a misunderstanding or the police just simply got it all wrong, Wisher Law is prepared to protect and defend your legal rights.

There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account when deciding upon a plan of action. Examples include: life circumstances, employment considerations, financial impact and transportation concerns. That being said, available options are often two-fold: 1) Fight the Case, or 2) Plea/Admit. Given the circumstances and specifics of your situation, Wisher Law is prepared to proceed with either course of action.


“NOW is always the right time to start developing a mutually beneficial relationship.  I look forward to learning more about your passions, goals, and objectives.  Let’s start the process of moving forward together!”

- Christopher H. Wisher, Attorney