Why A Dedicated Business Attorney?

Many business owners are focused on growing their business (as they should be), but do not put enough focus on legal planning.

They may feel that:

They will hire an attorney only when/as they need one OR They can figure out complex legal issues on their own

Either of these approaches is significantly flawed.  A “reactionary” approach to legal issues almost always results in complicating otherwise simplistic problems. Just as a business owner evaluates their business plan on a regular basis, their legal strategy/approach should be regularly reviewed.  Having a dedicated business attorney will accomplish this goal.

Contract Issues

Contracts should be written, reviewed, and executed with the goal of protecting the interests of your business. A dedicated business attorney will assure that the language necessary to do so is present. Furthermore, just as contracts are often written, contracts are often broken. In the event that another breaches a contract, a dedicated business attorney will highlight your options and recommend a course of action.

Employee Issues

A significant portion of the legal problems faced by employers derives from employee issues. Whether your business has employees on staff, or instead hires contract workers, there are specific and detailed laws that one must adhere to. An experienced business attorney can foresee potential issues and create a plan that is favorable and advantageous to the goals of your business.

Business Transition

Whether selling a business or purchasing a new one, a significant portion of the overall success of the transaction is based on the “valuation” of the business in question. A dedicated business attorney can help you get the most value possible out of the transaction. They can also help by drafting effective acquisition/purchase agreements.

Business Structuring

Choosing the right structure for your business (Corporation, LLC, Partnership) is instrumental in protecting owners from liability, limiting tax obligations, and obtaining funding.


The best advice comes from an attorney that thoroughly understands the dynamics that influence the industry in which a business client operates. Taking the time to truly grasp important forces such as target demographics, competition, controllable and uncontrollable market conditions, and competitive advantages/disadvantages is instrumental in obtaining successful results.


The number one reason business owners should hire a dedicated business attorney is consistency. Legal planning should be a cohesive plan that is detailed, well thought-out, and executed systematically.


“NOW is always the right time to start developing a mutually beneficial relationship.  I look forward to learning more about your passions, goals, and objectives.  Let’s start the process of moving forward together!”

- Christopher H. Wisher, Attorney